Sunday, January 25, 2015

GM Internship Application

Video Breakdown:

1. Custom Poison Dart Frog personal Project. I wanted an organic model and texture so this is a work in progress that I am currently working on for a realistic real feeling asset. 

1.5 2015 Student film "Ram's Horn" helicopter: Painted in Mari; Shaded, lit, and rendered in Houdini. Composited in Nuke.

2. Personal futuristic biker project: The aim was to have a feel of grunge future world with this character having to endure many hardships. Modeled and animated in Maya; Painted in Mari; Shaded, lit, rendered in Houdini; Composited in Nuke.

3. Japanese Katana: This was an asset that I placed inside of a photo that I took. The difficult part was matching the lighting of the photo, including the bands of light cast by the shades out of frame. Same process as above.

4. 2014 Student Film, "Owned:" I modeled and textured all the foreground assets shown. It was an extensive project but had to be done quickly in the last stretch of the film. Modeled in Maya and Mudbox; Painted in Mari and Mudbox; Shaded, lit, and rendered in Houdini. 

5. 2014 "Owned" character, Garjin: I was responsible for the shaders and textures of this character. He is split into several UV patches allowing more detail. I painted him in Mari and linked him together in Houdini. I did not do his fur simulations. 

6. Procedural Blood Orange: This was a blood orange created with no painted maps. The shaders and colors are all procedural. The leaf, however, has painted maps. Created in Houdini and comped in Nuke

7. Climbing Axe: This was an early concept in the visual development stages of the film, "Ram's Horn." Modeled in Maya; Painted in Mari; Finished in Houdini.

8. Still Life Project: Grandfather clock from my sophomore still life class. Maya and Mudbox used.

9. Digital Paintings: Visual painting concepts and developments done in Photoshop.

Other works and Concepts:
Biker concepts process:

Changes to the designs were made with time, as needed.

Cadillac ATS Conceptual Revision.
Company based contest within GM, 2012. I collaborated with some GM financial interns in a contest for possible revisions to the ATS. We won 2nd Place.

Traditional Art, Drawings and Paintings: